Tantric massages in Lima

Velka spa we are a spa that offers a unique experiencie of tantric massages in lima, which will help you release tensions and emotional blockages,as well as awaken your sexual energy and balance it with the rest of your body, we have private rooms and a sauna, we are in a central area . from lima peru

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Massages in Lima

Velka Spa, we are the best spa in masajes tántricos in Lima, we are passionate about providing our clients with the best relaxation experiencie whit the best massages tántric for demanding people like you.

we understand that life can be stressful and we want to help you find your inner peace and balance. our team of certified massage therapists have the experience to provide you with a personalized massage experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.our goal is to create an atmosphere of tranquilily so that you can truly relax and enjoy your session massages tántric.


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Why and where should I get tantric massages in Lima?

In Lima we are the best place to perform tantric massages, we are your best option and for those looking for an experience of relaxation and deep connection with their body and mind. we offer a professional service adapted to the needs of each client, in a welcoming and safe environment.

in our tantric massage center, we guarantee you a unique and transformative experiencie that will allow you to reach a state of deep relaxation and discover new sensations

just visit us and you will not regret it, schedule our numbers

What does it include when I get a tantric massage in Lima?

During a tantric massage session, the therapist uses gentle, slow massage techniques on the entire body, including the erogenous zones, whit the goal of awakening sexual energy and helping to balance and meditation techniques are used to help relax the mind and body.

the masseuse will perform the massage in lingerie where you will feel the sensuality, rose from body to body until you reach the happy ending

Can I choose masseuses for tantric massages in Lima?

Of course you can choose the masseuse of your choice for tantric massages in lima. we have a variety of bautiful, peruvian, and foreign masseuses with attention in our spa or at your preferred hotel, if you want to receive the massage whit a masseuse of your choice, it is better to make a reservation.

What is the cost of tantric massages in Lima?

The cost of tantric massages in lima per hour is from 200 soles as a minimum. if tantric massages are requested at the hotel and/or home, the cost of the taxi is assumed by the client. likewise , we accept all means of electronic payment,yape ,plin visa, mastecard amnd cash.

Do you perform tantric massages at home?

In tantric massages in Lima, we do offer tantric massages at home, offices, hotel of your preference only in areas of metropolitan lima

you can receive a massage from a beautiful massseuse or even from two masseuses at the same time, to enjoy a four-hand massage, in the comfort of your home or hotel. they will be fully prepared with everything necessary to make the ritual even more magical than in our masajetantricos.com.center.

do not hesitate to ask for a catalog of available masseuses

What is an Erotic massage?

An erotic massage is an experience of massage and eroticism,sensuality and relaxation mixed in one session, to offer you a few moments of disconnection and peace and fill you with good energy this type of massage culminates with pleasant relaxation.

What is tantric massage?

Tantra is a western teaching with an esoteric side that teaches how to use sexual energy to achieve a higher degree of connection whit your partner. thanks to tantra sexuality reaches another level, using techniques to prolong pleasure beyond sex, uniting the couple both on the physical and spiritual levels, from conscious love. unlike eroticism, the goal is not ejaculation,but rather connecting with oneself and one partner to enjoy a pleasurable moment without thinking about a perpose

Can I touch the masseuse during the massage?

Depending on the massage you choose. starting whit the mutual massage, you can touch the masseuses bare skin, although she would guide you regarding the interaction. if you want total interaction with her,we recommend taking the vip massage where you could freely interact with the masseuse of your choice

How do the additional ones work?

The extras function as additional services that you can add to your chosen massage and that make your tantric experience even more complete.for example ,you can add  a second completion to the mutual massage, or an erotic shower

Will I be able to shower before and after the massage?

Indeed. our suites have large showers or bathtubs where you can wash both before and after the massage.we have shower gel and shampoo for your convenience.

Are the photos of the masseuses real?

the photos of our erotic masseuses are 100% real and exclusive only for our center.we have a professional photographer who takes our clients can choose the photos so that our clients can choose the masseuse according to their preference. the subsequent photoshop of the photos, unlike other massage centers,is minimal and the live masseuse is absolutely recognizable.

Are erotic massages only for men?

No. Erotic massages are intended for both men,womwn,trans people and couples, since erotic massage covers all audiencesand rediscovers ones own sexuality regardless of gender or orientation. to achieve this goal,massages has a staff of heterosexual or bisexual female masseuses,bisexual or gay male masseuses, heterosexual male masseuses,to cover all expereince opf sensualityand eroticism in lima.

Will the masseuse be totally naked during the massage

In all the massages on our menu, the masseuses are completely naked,excluding body to body in which they are topless.

Why choose our erotic massage center and not another?

Because at masajetantricos.com.we not only offer eroticism and tantra or a range of professional masseuses with lo0ng and proven experience in the sector, but we also try to take care of every detail so that your experience here is unrepeatable and unmatched:from neat and luxu7riosly decorated rooms, to attentive and impecable reception service,an erotic massage whit all the ingredients to drive you crazy with pleasurre,an free drinks (soft drinks and water).in our center, you will receive high-quality care, where we will pamper you to the maximum and work to ensure that your every wish is fulfilled.








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